What is cienciaybelleza.com?

It is a new way of surfing the internet, it redefines the channel concept and offers it as a commercial promotion window. Delivering only one channel per visit. Sub-channel virtual spaces are offered to promote broad market segments. With refresh you change the channel and by sliding your finger from top to bottom on the screen, you also change the channel in chrome with android. From channel 11 and up to 100, the monthly rent is US $ 1.00 per channel.

1) Register or sign in

Channel CH01 registers clients and affiliates. On the registration form; name, surname and email are requested. The account must be activated by replying to the sent email. Read our privacy policy. Privacy Policy

2) Visit content

When visiting cienciaybelleza.com a channel with 5 images and texts is presented, its content can be seen clicking on the image, if when entering it is a sub-channel space, navigate between products with refresh, when you reach the desired product, click on the image to buy or see more. Click on Return to choose another product.

3) Marketplace

How to use this website?. Browse for 3D printers, smartwatches, cleaning robots, video projectors, drones, tablets, smartphones, digital cameras, toys, Android TV Boxes and Solid State Disks promoted here. Surf channels with Refresh or slide down your finger on your smartphone screen. Click for details. About cienciaybelleza.com and privacy policy.